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24 December 2012 - The Brigands are Here!

The game has been launched today. It runs on all EPOC32 machines, and is available here on this web site, and on its own web page too (see the menu bar for access). We hope that the game proves entertaining, and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

5 November 2012 - Beware of Brigands!

That's right, the Brigands are coming! In this forthcoming EPOC32 release, the kingdom of Larmin is threatened by the presence of bands of brigands hiding in the forest, ready to pounce on unwary travellers as they pass by. The old, weak king needs someone to lead a militia to rid the kingdom of this nuisance. Someone like YOU!

24 August 2012 - War In Ancient Times is 10 years old!

Today is the tenth anniversary of the release of War in Ancient Times, a strategy game for the Psion Revo, Series 5, Series 5mx and Ericsson MC218. You take on the role of one of the generals of antiquity, sent to fight battle after battle at the direction of events and of your political masters. Due to its age, and its release at a time when many were still using their Psions, it is still Damian Walker's most downloaded game despite its age and lack of sophistication.

18 June 2012 - Site Moved to a New Host

After months of ongoing problems with the old hosting company, EUKHost, I have realised that EUKHost are not going to solve them. So I have moved the site to another hosting company. This will not affect the URL which you use to get to PsiGamer, so all existing links and search results from Google and the like should still be valid.

29 May 2012 - Site Problems Under Investigation

Since upgrading the site earlier this year, there have been intermittent problems for people trying to access the site. Users who spend much time browsing the screen shots tend to get locked out of the site for about ten minutes. The site is not down and will continue to be available to other users. The problem also affects the subsidiary sites for Cyningstan games, i.e. the sites for Barbarians, Intergalactic Space Rescue, The World at Strife and Crusade to the Stars.

13 March 2012 - Moving from Series 3 to Series 3a

The initial upload phase for the Series 3 "classic" is now complete, with a good number of games available for this fantastic little machine. There is still some way to go, though: there is little information yet for commercial releases, something that I will be trying to rectify over the coming months.