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Ben Vaughan Software

The programs of Ben Vaughan. Lots of shareware games for both EPOC16 and EPOC32 available on this site.

Psion User Club Austria

The web site for Psion User Club Austria. It contains a lot of documentation and a good download archive for all Psions from the Organiser II to the Series 7.


5mx Software in the 21st Century. John Spillett's Psion page... This Website will try to keep current users of the Psion 5MX etc aware of the current location of some of the best software.


Association for PDA & smartphone users since 1995. Still includes strong support for Psion and EPOC machines. The site and its forums are in Dutch.

Psion Organiser II Developer Site

Hosted by Boris Cornet, this site hosts the Organiser II Forum, which is the centre of a community of enthusiasts for the Psion Organiser II. It also contains an archive of the old Organiser II Homepage: as well as downloads, the site has hardware information and programming information too.

PsiGamer on Facebook

PsiGamer is on Facebook! As there's no on-site forum or reply facility here on the site, the best place to leave feedback is through our page on Facebook. Just click on the link and click the "Like" button to stay informed about our activities!