The World at Strife

Battling Through the Ages!

Fight against monsters created by the gods! Enter a dynastic struggle for the throne of England! Create an empire in 20th century Europe! Use brute force to dominate a lucrative mining planet! In fact, fight any battle you can think of, from the stone age to the far future, with this expandable war game system for all EPOC32 computers.

The World at Strife is the last in the Strife series of war games for EPOC32 systems. It builds on the features of War in Ancient Times, Battle of the Mages, and Crusade to the Stars, to bring you a system that not only lets you play war games from a variety of eras, but also allows you to design your own games. The four supplied campaigns show a range of eras from ancient Greek mythology to futuristic battles on far-away planets, but your own war games can have any setting you like.

Make Your Own

The game designer allows you to draw your own units and to determine their battle statistics. You can likewise draw the terrain and decide how it affects the units you have created. And finally, you can link together a series of battles in an order of your choosing. You can link the battles together in a set sequence, or use a "what-if" system where the outcome of one battle decides which will be fought next.

It is the drawing feature which makes The World at Strife so truly versatile. Two magnifications allow graphics to fit the larger machines like the Series 5, Geofox and netBook, and the smaller ones like the Osaris and Revo. And if drawing isn't your forte, a library of 80 units and 80 terrain types is provided to help you.

Your creativity is limited only by your imagination and your ability to plan out a campaign. The library of graphics covers a variety of settings, but you may have thought of something we haven't, in which case that's OK too. Want to do a battle of viruses against antibodies through the various organs of the body? No problem! If you can draw it, the game will play it!

Keep in Touch!

If you do create an interesting scenario that you'd like to share, then we'd be happy to add it to our downloads section. To submit a scenario or to contact us with any comments about the game, please send an email to psion (at)

Heroes of Zeus

The gods play games with the lives of men. Six heroes are cast into a barren land full of monsters and forced to fight their way out for the amusement of the gods.

Wars of the Roses

Take on the role of leader of one of the warring factions during the fifteenth-century struggle for the throne of England.

The Nazi Menace

In the early years of the war the Germans seemed unstoppable till they tried to defeat the Spitfires and the Hurricanes over Britain. See if you can get as far as they, and then defeat the British in the air.

Barren Planet

Two interplanetary corporations fight to gain a foothold on a barren but mineral-rich planet. Take control of one of these corporations to try to win the planet!

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